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Legal Advice and Services

FDSV e.V. offered legal advice and support services for Syrian citizens between 2015-2019, but only in regard to their needs in Germany. In 2021, we began to offer legal advice related to their legal needs within Syria itself. This activity is offered to all Syrian citizens who require legal support in the fields of personal status law, civil status law, real estate law and criminal law. In addition, we offer both legal advice and specific services for Syrian women and girls. This applies especially to victims of violence, sexualised violence, enforced marriage and polygamy. Our legal experts provide an assessment of individual circumstances, recommendations and/or referral to NGOs or volunteer lawyers that can support a lawful resolution in a neutral and qualified manner.

If you want to apply for a legal service, please fill out this form and send it to us via email.

In August 2021, we implemented a needs assessment (online) among Syrian citizens regarding their legal needs back home in Syria. Please find the results here. To participate in our study, please fill out this online form.

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