Capacity Building

Human Rights Training for Syrian Legal Professionals

May - December 2021

FDSV e.V. implemented an intensive training program for 28 Syrian lawyers and legal professionals living in 7 EU-countries. Our goal was to enable these key actors to play an active role in pushing forward the process of legal accountability for international core crimes committed in Syria. The 8-month program covered both theoretical and practical modules by legal experts (partly with simultaneous Arabic interpretation), and included the following training modules:

  • Basic Legal Knowledge
  • International Standards and Techniques of Documenting Evidence
  • Legal Analysis and Building Criminal Cases
  • Reporting for Litigation
  • Networking with Law Enforcement Authorities

Our training modules were concluded with a round-table discussion that included international legal experts, stakeholders, law enforcement authorities, and Syrian NGOs. Finally, a free legal handbook was published in Arabic. This project was implemented in partnership with the Syrian Center for Legal Research and Studies. See our Press Release. "Expert Round Table on Role of Civil Society in Accountability for Syria"

PBS - News Hour TV-Report about our work

" Our work shown at 5:19 minutes"


Capacity Building for NGOs and Syrian women groups

Starting 2018

FDSV e.V. provides legal advice and administrative support to human rights and women’s rights activists, as well as artists and authors from Syria. We accompany these groups both during their establishment phase as NGOs.
After registration, FDSV e.V. assists with tailor-made trainings in the fields of project inception and concept development, networking and the application process, but also project management and accounting. The main beneficiaries of these services have been the following NGOs:

  • Orschina e.V., registered in 2018, is active in cultural events and women’s rights.
  • New Empowered Society for Women’s Activism (NESWA e.V.), registered in 2019, is active in the field of leadership and personal
    development programs for Syrian Women. NESWA also engages in street art and theatre.
  • Intersections e.V., registered in 2020, active in LGTBQ-related programs, is the first open non-binary Syrian NGO in Berlin.


Small Funds for Events and Activities

Starting 2017

Upon written request proposals, FDSV e.V. can provide operative support and cash funds to Syrian NGOs that seek to implement certain activities or events. This support has included the following beneficiaries and activities:

Mada e.V.

  • Exhibition and Auction of Syrian Paintings (March 2018)
  • Exhibition and Auction of Syrian Paintings (November 2018)
  • Black Box Syria: A dialogue format between the major religious and ethnic components of Syrian society (October 2018)

Orschina e.V.  

  • Kalima Literary Event (Berlin, August 2018)
  • Kalima Literary Event (Aachen, November 2018)
  • Cultural spaces for youth (to display, share and perform their talents, stories and voices)


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